Intellect vs. Beauty

From what I have conceptualized in life is that the power of intellect is much more appealing than the power of beauty.

For the short-lasting breathtaking effect of beauty fades the more you spend time with the person, no matter even if that person is intellectually able or not. It fades anyway. That is, your eyes are gradually accustomed to it, so, by time, you are not struck by it the same way you were when you first beheld it. This first impression of admiration, which might last a few months or so, would change to the second step: familiarity.

As for intellect, you are struck by a person’s mind capacity the more you spend time with him/her. Every day, you get to learn more from them, you get to enjoy successful constructive conversations with them, and you feel like you have someone to rely on when you are helpless.
A person who is not blessed with beauty but has made a big well-read head could be much more attractive than another who is breathtakingly beautiful but with a shallow mind.

Blank Papers

I have a thing for white blank papers.
Give me a pile of blank or foolscap papers and a pencil and leave me for hours, without internet; I don’t mind.
I am infatuated by the image of empty papers next to a pen; it reminds me that I have plenty of thoughts that need to be jotted down. It urges me to do something creative even if I hadn’t a mind for it.
I feel like the empty papers of a new notebook are screaming out: Hey you! come and write, draw, doodle, or whatever. Just don’t keep me empty!
Does it drive anyone else crazy like it does to me?15727397_10206146845788636_2266864452907771074_n

Juvenility Nostalgic

Do you know that feeling when you miss old days when you used to enjoy things you now don’t allow yourself to? When you were careless; when you were more naive; when you were not yet adult in your thoughts, beliefs, and principles; when you didn’t know you were doing the wrong thing but you were enjoying it because you simply DIDN’T KNOW. It’s when you wish you hadn’t become more mature, when you wish you hadn’t grown up, when you wish you hadn’t become more aware. I guess it is the ugly side of growing up because when you were younger, you were reckless and didn’t care much.

A Good Morning in the Sports Campus

Sports campus from the other side is just fantabulous!
Specially in the cold breeze of the morning
Large trees, birds’ twitter, sunlight, few people, and calmness… It’s heavenly
Lectures must be in the open air from now on. It’s really refreshing. It’s a lot better than being crowded in a small four-sided room with our noses dug into a two-dimensional black and white paper listening to the monotonous, so worldly, and never productive-sounding voice of a not-so-excited teacher…
It’s romanticism vs. classicism.
Thanks to God for creating such a wonderful nature.
Thanks to this big tree I’m resting beside for the shade and the feeling of containment it is providing me.
Thanks for my teacher for not allowing me to enter her class. I would have not had the chance to discover how lovely this place is.
It’s like the other side of the routinized world, where you can be free and where your mood lifts up.

Runny Adrenaline

It’s a wonder-worthy matter how human heart could betray one by racing so quickly when the smallest incident occurs. It’s like in an instant the adrenaline can be secreted and brain sensors send a message to heart to go on racing. This could be out of fear or surprise or nervousness. This all could happen when you see someone you never expected to see. Or when you suddenly find yourself about to deal with someone you’ve been avoiding. Or when you’ve been waiting to do a certain task that you have been preparing for in your mind and knowing or not knowing what to say. And when it’s time for you to do it, because you’re nervous, you don’t know what to say. Say hello then to a pounding heart and jerking hands.


I appreciate those who, when they sit alone in a public place or so, are not preoccupied by a mobile phone or any device or even headphones in the ears listening silently to music. Those who stay there silent, abstracted, thinking, pondering are quite rare. You got to give yourself a moment for yourself to think world and personal issues away, away from the concrete, so earthly world around.