Why Do We Fear Judgments?

Why do we fear judgment so much? Why are we afraid of criticism? Therefore, why do we care much about what people might think of us?

What on earth is wrong with criticism or judgment? Okay fine they might laugh at us, or they might ridicule us due some situation. But WHAT ON EARTH WILL HAPPEN NEXT? What will we lose by their judgment?

To be Continued…


To Access a Woman’s Heart


A man can force a woman by his muscles to make her do what he wants; for he is bestowed with manly physical powers that can make him overwhelm a woman.

However, these physical powers are of vast worthlessness when it has to do with her heart, her soul. A man should possess ingenious abilities, embrace subtle techniques and be adorned with gentlemanliness to be able to be allowed to step the threshold to a woman’s heart. If, however, he steps this threshold, it is quite guaranteed that he will dwell in that protective, unconditioned-love-bestower, faithful and big thing called a woman’s heart. For women are so good at loving excessively, sincerely and even unreasonably. A woman’s heart is like a shy flower that takes time to blossom; a man needs to be patient, sincere, affectionate and clever enough to access it.

Intellect vs. Beauty

From what I have conceptualized in life is that the power of intellect is much more appealing than the power of beauty.

For the short-lasting breathtaking effect of beauty fades the more you spend time with the person, no matter even if that person is intellectually able or not. It fades anyway. That is, your eyes are gradually accustomed to it, so, by time, you are not struck by it the same way you were when you first beheld it. This first impression of admiration, which might last a few months or so, would change to the second step: familiarity.

As for intellect, you are struck by a person’s mind capacity the more you spend time with him/her. Every day, you get to learn more from them, you get to enjoy successful constructive conversations with them, and you feel like you have someone to rely on when you are helpless.
A person who is not blessed with beauty but has made a big well-read head could be much more attractive than another who is breathtakingly beautiful but with a shallow mind.

Blank Papers

I have a thing for white blank papers.
Give me a pile of blank or foolscap papers and a pencil and leave me for hours, without internet; I don’t mind.
I am infatuated by the image of empty papers next to a pen; it reminds me that I have plenty of thoughts that need to be jotted down. It urges me to do something creative even if I hadn’t a mind for it.
I feel like the empty papers of a new notebook are screaming out: Hey you! come and write, draw, doodle, or whatever. Just don’t keep me empty!
Does it drive anyone else crazy like it does to me?15727397_10206146845788636_2266864452907771074_n